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jboxCharges of aggravated assault in Minnesota can be very serious, and penalties can range from jail to restitution.  The highly experienced Minnesota criminal defense attorneys at our firm can explore your legal defense options to avoid a conviction.

Aggravated assault charges are some of the more serious assault charges that a person can face.  Assault charges can be of various types.  An assault charge doesn’t have to include violent actions that cause injury to person.  Assault simply means touching without consent.

There can be charges of assault that are include unwanted touching, but result in no injury to the person.  These are called common assault charges.

However, aggravated assault charges are more serious.  Aggravated assault, as the term indicates involves bodily harm to the person being assaulted.  In such cases, the person has been subjected to unnecessary or unwanted touching, and has suffered bodily harm.   You must have assaulted someone and caused him to be wounded, disfigured, maimed or even have his life endangered for these charges to be filed against you.

In many cases, an individual may be goaded into a fight, and may have no other option but to attack the other person in self-defense.  Even such attacks can result in aggravated assault charges being filed against you.

A conviction of aggravated assault in Minnesota can lead to a variety of penalties that include jail time, and electronic monitoring requirements.  You can be placed on probation or parole, and a judge may require you to attend anger management classes, or pay restitution.  A skilled criminal defense attorney however can explore different options that include self-defense, to help you avoid having a permanent aggravated assault conviction on your record.

It is important to act swiftly after you’ve been arrested, or charged with aggravated assault. The sooner you involve a lawyer, the better able we will be to gather evidence, interview essential witnesses, and to address other important elements of your case.

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