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jboxStreaking, flashing or public nudity – these may seem like fairly harmless pranks when you’re doing them but could lead to potentially serious charges, especially when you’re visible to other people.  The indecent exposure defense team at our firm is comprised of a skilled set of attorneys who have experience defending such charges. 

In most cases, indecent exposure charges are the result of genuine lack of awareness or lack of knowledge about what constitutes indecent exposure.  Often, indecent exposure and related charges are classified as misdemeanors.  However, in the rare case, these can even be classified as felony charges.  In other cases, public nudity charges can even be linked to sex crimes.

For instance, if the public nudity or flashing involved a minor, then you could even be charged with a sex crime, which automatically makes your charges extremely serious, and increases the intensity of the penalties that can be levied against you.  A conviction of a sex crime involving a minor can even lead to permanent registration in a sex offender registry, which results in devastating consequences for you.  As a federal sex offender registrant, you must frequently inform law-enforcement about any change in your address, and will also have severe restrictions on where you can live and travel.

You don’t have to be flashing in a public area or nude on a public property where a lot of people are present for you to face indecent exposure charges.  These charges can even be filed even if you’re on your own property, and are inappropriately clothed.  Even something as harmless as wearing a flimsy swimsuit can result in indecent exposure charges against you.

When prosecutors file charges against you, they will investigate a number of a number of factors including any previous criminal history that you have, and the circumstances of the offense.  Your intentions during the flashing, as well as your sobriety levels at the time of the incident will also be taken into account.

It is important to act swiftly after you’ve been arrested, or charged with indecent exposure crimes. The sooner you involve a lawyer, the better able we will be to gather evidence, interview essential witnesses, and to address other important elements of your case.

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